Disinfect Your Dental Operatory Discretely and More Effectively In Between Patients

Introducing the Stratus Hypochlorous Acid Micro-Mister

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Quiet • Fast • Safe • Effective

The ultra-fine Stratus mist penetrates in and around equipment and supplies, disinfecting areas missed with spray and wipe alone.

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Hypochlorous Acid, the Perfect Disinfectant, Meets Stratus, the Perfect Applicator

The Stratus Micro-Mister applies a thin, uniform layer of hypochlorous to surfaces, ensuring complete coverage.


Your Practice Needs Stratus Now More Than Ever

The World Health Organization warns against even routine dental checkups and procedures over disinfection concerns, suggesting that patients postpone visits.

The Stratus Micro-Mister Is Specifically Designed to Quietly Disinfect the Dental Operatory In-Between Patients

Stratus Micro-Mister | Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant Applicator - Stratus Micro-Mister
  • Quiet

    Stratus runs off your operatory’s compressed air, so there is no annoying electric motor noise to disturb neighboring operatories.

  • Fast

    Thoroughly disinfect your operatory in a fraction of the time it takes with a conventional spray bottle, which leaves a wet mess and requires wiping to dry.

  • Safe

    The active ingredient in Stratus mist is hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is safer and more effective than bleach or other harmful chemicals.

  • Effective

    The patent-pending Stratus venturi nozzle creates an ultra-fine mist that penetrates in and around equipment and supplies, disinfecting areas missed with spray and wipe alone.


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Finally some good news!! Stratus + HOCl, the best non-toxic choice. 5-10 micron mist offers a 5 minute solution. A 1 minute kill and a 3 minute dry time - kills bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19. Safe for your eyes, food, your kids and your pets, and is perfect for our patients and staff. Thanks, Stratus, for your quick response to help the dental profession!

Stratus is the gold standard of dental foggers. It has changed our fogging life in the office. No noise, 20 microns, dries quickly and is actually fun to use.

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